Senior’s Tax Aid Program (STAP)

Senior's Tax Aid Program (STAP)

Author: Malik Hassan
July 16th, 2021 · 5 min read


Our firm would be thrilled to offer Victorian seniors 50% off tax return for the coming tax season.

These returns are tailored towards helping seniors all over Victoria get the most out of their returns, especially with the new Federal COVID-19 tax breaks now in effect.

Helping our clients and the age care community to provide another element of support in this difficult year.

What is the Seniors Tax Aid Program all about?

This year we have partnered with National Seniors Australia to offer the Seniors Tax Aid Program (STAP) to seniors across Victoria. STAP was developed to assist Victorian Seniors financially by offering them a 50% off on their tax return this financial year.

National Seniors Australia is a national seniors advocating organisation with 40+ years advocating for the aged community. National Seniors Australia have 100+ branches across the nation and 50+ discounts and benefits to offer.

If you want more information about National Seniors Australia visit

The Seniors Tax Aid Program kicks off 1st of July 2021 and ends August 16th 2021 with hopes to either extend it and run it indefinitely. This is just to test the response we get from the community in order to organise the required staff to carry out the program effectively indefinitely.

Are there any Terms & Conditions for this program?

We have kept the terms and conditions as simple as possible in order to keep the offer in everyones reach. We had to limit the offer as follows:

– 1x 50% off Individual tax return per person
– Must be the age of 65 years or over
– Must be an Australian resident for tax purposes
– Must be living in Victoria
– Offer ends 16th of August 2021

How do I claim the offer?
Simply give us a call on 1300 514 191 to book your appointment face to face or over the phone.


To find out more speak to one of our tax consultants by clicking this link to book an appointment online or call 1300 514 191.